Co-Owners Amber Hochbein and Paul Simmons


Posa Apparel was born purely out of a love for fashion, an eye for style, a creative imagination, and a passion for the outdoors.  We are a Colorado based company that provides quality, handmade in Colorado products, which redefine traditional style and blend fashion and function.  We are committed to quality, originality, and giving back in a meaningful way.  Each customer can select from several charities that are important to us, to designate a percentage of the proceeds from each Posa.  Our goal is to become a global brand that customers can rely on for fashionable trends that make a statement.  We want our customers to feel great about supporting a Colorado company that embraces uniqueness, through our fashion forward ideas and inspired products.



Behind the Name

“Posa” is short for Mariposa or butterfly in Spanish.

In 2001, when Amber was 19 years-old, her mother regrettably passed away from cancer.  Butterflies became a symbol and a personal way for her family to commemorate her mother’s life.  Two months later Amber moved to Colorado and got a puppy, who she named “Posa.”  The company is named Posa Apparel in honor of the dog, who brought Amber back to life, and is still a loyal companion after 13 years, and for the woman, the mother, the butterfly, whose memory lives on through this company and through the hearts of those who loved her.